Electrified chemistry

An electrochemically produced oxidiser for modular, onsite generation of HYdrogen PERoxide

Safe, circular, and cost competitive

HYPER aims to demonstrate, in industrial environments, a scalable, modular electrochemical process for the production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), bridging its production with downstream integration into diverse value chains.

HYPER - Transforming the way Hydrogen Peroxide is produced.

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Transforming the way H2O2 is produced

The central innovation in HYPER is the electrification of H2O2 production, and in turn modular on-site and on-demand production in multiple industries: pulp and paper, textile, electronics, chemicals/coatings, disinfection and water treatment.

Where H2O2 is used

Benefits of HYPER

HYPER aims to transform H2O2 production from a large-volume, energy intensive chemical process to a smaller-scale, robust, modular, sustainable, electrochemical process, providing significant benefits.