Project Management

Securing the allocation and coordination of all resources (human and financial) to reach the project objectives. Implementing the right processes and responsibilities for the good execution of the project.

Cell and process development

Validating electrode behaviour in specialised cells for persulfate generation at TRL4-5, through investigating cell and system performance regarding the effect of process parameters (pH, temperature, flow rates/residence time, electrolyte).

System and prototype manufacture and scale-up

Advancing the technology from TRL4-5 to TRL6, by refining process parameters (pH, temperature, flow rates/residence time, electrolyte), whilst generating data for exploitation and validation of the downstream value chains.

Demonstration and downstream integration

Integration of HYPER process in 3 industrial value streams using H2O2: textile, chemistry/coatings, pulp and paper, whilst generating performance data.

Roadmap to sustainable business

Performing a conceptual design of the HYPER processes at commercial scale, and steering the concept towards better technical, economic, and environmental performance.

Dissemination, communication, exploitation and data management

Ensuring relevance of the measures to maximise project impacts through regular monitoring and assessment, and elaborating exploitation paths for commercial and non-commercial project outcomes.