Three-day education visit to Belinka Perkemija

On 11 – 12 July, Belinka Perkemija, hosted a three-day educational visit for Emina Kapić and dr. Brigita Hočevar, representatives from project partners NIC, at the Ljubljan, Slovenia site. During the visit, the guests were educated on the conventional process for the production of H2O2 and the analytics used for H2O2 detection and quantification. This field visit is important for HYPERs research development because it is an environmentally friendly way of obtaining hydrogen peroxide in an industrial environment, which is also the goal of the project. At the Belinka Perkemija site, the project plans to build a pilot plant for the electrochemical production of hydrogen peroxide. The visit was also important from a safety point of view, as visitors were taught about the proper handling of hydrogen peroxide and process solutions.  

Photo: Belinka Perkemija plant. left to right; Darko Horvat (Belinka Perkemija), Darja Koklič (Belinka Perkemija), Emina Kapić (NIC), Brigita Hočevar (NIC), Matija Mencinger (Belinka Perkemija), Andrej Podkoritnik (Belinka Perkemija)

Other news

HYPER Presented at 55th TEXCHEM- RegioTEX

INOTEX actively participated at 55th TEXCHEM- RegioTEX annual conference, 09-10 Nov 2023 (Hradec Králové, Czech Rep), making four oral presentations, and disseminating the HYPER leaflet.


On 13-14 Oct 2023 HYPER partners, INOTEX, participated at the XXVIth IFATCC International Congress in Augsburg, Germany (IFATCC – International Federation os Associations of Textile