HYPER & Processes4Planet Partnership

Processes4Planet (P4Planet) is a co-programmed partnership under Horizon Europe Pillar 2, Cluster 4 (Digital, Industry and Space). The partnership is based on a memorandum of understanding signed between the EC, as the public partner, and A.SPIRE, as the private partner and representative of the process industries. ​A.SPIRE represents 10 process industry sectors, including cement, ceramics, chemicals, engineering, non-ferrous metals, minerals, pulp and paper, refining, steel, and water. It has more than 180 industry, research and associate members from over 22 European countries. ​

P4Planet is based on a self-assessment of the state of the process industries in Europe: this is called the P4Planet STRATEGIC RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENDA (SRIA). This identified 3 major challenges: idustries high impact on climate, the linear use of resources, and the need for global competitiveness. In response, a proposed vision of net zero greenhouse gas emissions, near-zero landfilling and near-zero water discharge by 2050, as well as growing competitiveness through innovation.

In order to achieve those goals, the Agenda identifies 4 cross-sector enablers for success:

  • industrial-urban symbiosis,
  • process innovation,
  • digitisation, and
  • non-technological aspects.

The Agenda puts forward 14 innovation areas broken down into 36 innovation programmes. These are proposed actions in energy, process intensification, circularity, etc., that affect the process industries directly. The innovation programmes are the basis on which the Horizon Europe work programmes and individual calls for cluster 4 are built on, specifically those that fall under the P4Planet scope. Additionally, A.SPIRE offers feedback to the Commission in the preparation of the Horizon Europe work programmes to ensure that any changes in circumstances are considered.

Considering the above project HYPER is part of the broader, cooperative agenda to transform European process industries into climate neutral, circular, and competitive entities, as set out in the 2050 Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

HYPER project is relevant to two of the innovation programmes as set out in the agenda:

  • 4a – Electrochemical conversion  
  • 9b – Breakthrough efficiency improvement.

With the project contributing to the follwoing P4Planet KPIs (from Appendix F of the SRIA):

  • KPI 1 – CO2 reduction via a new electrified process
  • KPI 3 – Waste reduction through decrease need for fossil-carbon derived reagents, solvents and catalysts
  • KPI 9 – CAPEX and OPEX reduction
  • KPI 10 – Impact in SMEs – consortium has 6 SMEs

Going forward HYPER will make up part of the P4Plant community attending events organised by the partnership, sharing results and information with A.SPIRE that will be shared   with the Commission, and cooperating to meet the objectives and KPIs set put in the Agenda, that will be actively monitored by A.SPIRE.  

Other news


INOTEX presented and promoted the HYPER project with the project roll-up and leaflets at the 3rd national conference TEXWASTE organized on 22nd May in Hradec

HYPER at Techtextil

This year, project partner Inotex presented project HYPER at Techtextil 2024, the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens, held from 23 to