Innovative Hydrogen Peroxide Solutions Transform the Coatings Industry

Sustainable hydrogen peroxide production is revolutionizing the coatings industry, particularly in wastewater treatment. By oxidizing wastewater from polyester synthesis instead of incinerating it, significant resources are saved, and hazardous waste is reduced.

In end products, hydrogen peroxide plays a crucial role in epoxidizing biobased chemicals – primarily oils – to synthesize oxirane rings. These epoxidized chemicals serve as excellent, low-carbon alternatives for pigment dispersing agents. Additionally, these chemicals can be further processed into UV curing resins, expanding their applications in the coatings industry.

Beyond high solids resins, water-based resins offer a viable option for reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Using hydrogen peroxide as an initiator in emulsion polymerization reactions has also demonstrated the ability to lower reaction temperatures, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

These advancements highlight the transformative potential of hydrogen peroxide in creating more sustainable and efficient processes within the coatings industry.

Other news

Collaborative Meeting with Belinka Perkemija, NIC, and JSI

On June 5, a highly productive meeting took place between representatives from the National Institute of Chemistry (NIC), the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), and industrial partners from Belinka Perkemija, focusing on the ongoing project HYPER.