Breakthrough in Electrochemical Synthesis: Collaborative Effort Yields Promising Results

In a collaborative effort between two leading industrial partners and three esteemed research institutes, significant progress has been made in the electrochemical synthesis of hydrogen and hydrogen peroxide via persulfate intermediates.

One industrial partner has provided a versatile electrochemical cell specifically designed for process development. The research partners have successfully modified this cell to enhance their electrochemical synthesis processes, incorporating it into their highly specialized experimental setups.

Promising cathode materials for hydrogen generation have been obtained, with experimental parameters aligned among project partners, and testing is currently underway. Concurrently, one industrial partner has advanced the development of a tailored diamond anode for the persulfate production process. Meanwhile, two research institutes and an industrial partner are focusing on fine-tuning the electrochemical parameters and optimizing reaction conditions to maximize the yield of persulfate and hydrogen peroxide.

The combined results will contribute to the development of a TRL 4/5 plant, demonstrating electrolyser and utiliser integration and utility at the inoTEX industrial partner site.

Other news

Collaborative Meeting with Belinka Perkemija, NIC, and JSI

On June 5, a highly productive meeting took place between representatives from the National Institute of Chemistry (NIC), the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), and industrial partners from Belinka Perkemija, focusing on the ongoing project HYPER.