Transforming Hydrogen Peroxide Production with HYPER: explained in an animated video!

Discover the future of hydrogen peroxide production with the HYPER project, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the chemical industry.

In our new animated video!

Hydrogen peroxide, a vital and versatile chemical used across various industries such as textiles, paper, wastewater treatment, coatings, electronics, and medicine, is traditionally produced in ways that pose significant safety, sustainability, and environmental challenges.

HYPER addresses these issues head-on by developing a novel electrosynthesis method that uses water as the primary solvent, electrolyte, and feedstock, powered by renewable energy. This innovative approach enables on-demand, on-site production of hydrogen peroxide in precise concentrations, eliminating the need for long-distance transportation and reducing the chemical’s environmental footprint.

The project, launched in January 2023, spans four years and involves 12 beneficiaries from 9 countries, supported by EUR 7 million in funding from Horizon Europe. By leveraging modular and robust production units, HYPER not only enhances safety but also ensures economic viability.

Join us in exploring how HYPER is set to transform hydrogen peroxide production, making it more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Other news

Collaborative Meeting with Belinka Perkemija, NIC, and JSI

On June 5, a highly productive meeting took place between representatives from the National Institute of Chemistry (NIC), the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), and industrial partners from Belinka Perkemija, focusing on the ongoing project HYPER.